Customer References – How do you handle it?

Influitive is a startup that is focusing on mobilizing your happy customers in a variety of ways. We are trying to help companies recognize and reward their best advocates and reference customers using social networks.

We try to turn the reference process around: instead of asking for a favor of a client, we are offering the opportunity for them to expand their professional social network in the same industry or using the same product.

We need all types of  Marketing and Sales people to give us some honest feedback so we can better plan out our next build. We want to make an impact on the sales cycle through mobilizing happy customers to advocate their positive experiences, both publicly and through private customer references.

We appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day to participate in this survey. (less than 5 minutes – we promise!)

Are you a marketer? – Marketers Survey

Are you a Salesperson? – Salespeople survey


About Aaron Rothschild
Aaron is Director of Customer Experience at Influitive where he spends time designing interfaces, mocking up ideas and talking with customers about mobilizng customer advocates. Aaron previously worked at Eloqua, a leading marketing-automation SaaS platform developing integration strategy and building a developer ecosystem. He has worked with some of the top technology marketers in the world developing new products that are now common features in the marketing automation and sales enablement space.

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