Using Influitive with Salesforce

Salespeople foster relationships with propsects on a daily basis, looking at LinkedIn profiles finding new ways to reach out to people within the organizations you are targeting.  Influitive is a new tool that leverages your own LinkedIn network, and “adds” your co-workers LinkedIn networks – to uncover relationships with prospects you never knew you had. You are probably thinking, “I already do that with LinkedIn, what’s the difference?”Have you ever found out halfway through a sales-cycle that a prospect has a close friend who uses your software?  Or, a CEO during deal-close time, mentions his old-colleague used your service and had problems? Influitive builds a database of connections amongst all the people in your company – and as a result, you can see which prospects already know your EXISTING customers, users, and contacts via LinkedIn.

What does this mean?

During the sales-cycle you can easily discover who else, customers or co-workers, may have a connection with your new prospect.  You may decide that the prospect knows someone who had a great experience with your product and suggest they connect. More information about prospects and the connections your team and customers share.

How do I use it?

Your salesforce administrator has installed a new component in Salesforce – it should be visible when you view a contact record.  Look for an area that has the words “Influitive Social Connections

Using Influitive for Salesforce

1)   Login with LinkedIn

Influitive uses LinkedIn’s login to manage access to the database.  Simply click on the login button – and provide your LinkedIn details.    Influitive will figure out which customers,  prospects and other employees you are connected to via LinkedIn.

2)   Discover Connections

You now have access to your company’s “collective network” of people who are connected via LinkedIn.  Simply browse to another contact record and you can see which prospects and customers that contact is connected to in LinkedIn. Influitive 2 degrees of separation

3)   Make References

You may notice a small button to the right of each name.  This is functionality that allows salespeople to connect prospects and current customers together to have a phone call or a private conversation about your product or service.  This feature is available through our corporate sales team – we’d be happy to talk with you.

Get Early Access Now!

We are actively looking for beta users. We are testing the deploy with sales and marketing teams that meet the following requirements:

  • Professional + API Access/Enterprise or Unlimited Accounts
  • >2 Users with up-to-date LinkedIn Accounts
  • Optional: Customer Reference Program as part of your sales process

Let us know if you’re interested. Complete the form below or ping me, David and Mark at


About Aaron Rothschild
Aaron is Director of Customer Experience at Influitive where he spends time designing interfaces, mocking up ideas and talking with customers about mobilizng customer advocates. Aaron previously worked at Eloqua, a leading marketing-automation SaaS platform developing integration strategy and building a developer ecosystem. He has worked with some of the top technology marketers in the world developing new products that are now common features in the marketing automation and sales enablement space.

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