We’re currently hiring developers and product designers/managers.

Influitive makes buying better. No one is excited by a call from a sales person or an email from the marketing department. We’re trying to make that experience better. We help prospective customers connect and have meaningful conversations with happy customers, so they can make an informed purchasing decision.

Influitive is based in downtown Toronto, ON. We are a funded startup with an experienced, passionate team. We have deep ties to the community and are looking for “interesting” folks to join our team.

We’re looking for engineers and product designers to help. Some of the challenges are highly algorithmic, such as coming up with ways to identify and categorize connections on the social graph so that potential customers can find happy customers; others are very technical, such as making a web application that consumes and publishes disparate web services; and many of the challenges are in product design, such as figuring out how to build experiences that bridge consumer web and enterprise software.

Help us build a culture where we put people first. We want you to reach your full potential through community connections, ongoing learning opportunities, and technical challenges.

We are committed to building a cutting-edge technology company that develops software the right way and is a place where engineers love to work. Some of the tools we are using include Ruby, Rails, Cucumber, mongoDB and git. We’re using continuous deployment and hosted computing , so all code you write will go live to production within minutes no matter what time it is. We want to build a fantastically strong engineering team and the first engineers that join us should set the tone for that.

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