# work.nil?

Influitive is looking for developers to build some seriously complicated and very cool products.

Influitive makes buying better. No one is excited by a call from a sales person or an email from the marketing department. We’re trying to make that experience better. We help prospective customers connect and have meaningful conversations with happy customers, so they can make an informed purchasing decision.

We are a funded startup with an experienced, passionate team. We have deep ties to the community and are looking for “interesting” folks to join our team.

## who we need

  • Capable of “great feats of software”
  • Substantial experience developing web applications
  • Comfortable speaking both tech and business speak
  • Likes working with the bleeding edge
  • Comfortable working at any level, from database tuning to CSS


  • Experience with Ruby & Rails
  • Experience with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery


  • Experience with distributed systems and machine learning a plus
  • Experience with build/deployment
  • Experience with Salesforce, OAuth,
  • Interested in community and open source
  • Ideally we’re looking for someone who wants to grow with the company and move up to a strong leadership role over time.

## what to send/how to apply

  • resume or LinkedIn
  • github
  • stackoverflow profile
  • blog
  • twitter
  • life story in 140 characters or less in obfuscated Ruby

Drop us a line if your interested, e-mail us at

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